Independent people in an independent city need an independent theater - join us!

Our Little Theatre in Tagil

Three girls from Tagil and the group of actors will bring a new breath to the theatre of the city. An independent city with such people need a young independent theatre!

We want to share our new cultural project with all interested people in east and west. After we repair and fixed a lot of things by ourselves, we need to equip the place by lighting, different musical and theatrical equipment. We would like to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere so hopefully everybody will feel comfortable. Right now we need a lot of equipment: chairs, furniture, lighting and many things for our small cafe. No doubt, a kind of culture centre like our independent theatre is needed in Tagil and with your support the project will be working successful. We are ready — we want start right now! Please join us. See you in Tagil.

Theatre in the Theatre

Theatre is good... but we want more! We are planning to run a mobile puppet theatre for kids. We would like to play for children creatively and pedagogically and we like to inspire them by theatre.

Gifts for our sponsors

Tagil Fish | from $30

This unique sheet metal fish (5 cm) with engraving of the sponsor’s name by artist Maxim Nushtaev from Tagil!

The fish will go around the world by russian mail…straight to your home.

Season ticket | from $120

Come and see the first theatre season whenever you want. You are living fare away? It´s a wonderful gift for socially weak people in Tagil. You know nobody in Tagil? We will support you and connect you with your future godchild

Tagil box | from $300

This unique wooden box(approx. 20 x 20 x 20 cm) is created by artist Maximillian Nushtaev from Tagil!

The box will go around the world by russian mail…straight to your home.

Black Theatre Chair | from $650

The black chair will be placed in the first row of our theatre and it will be labeled with your name in white letters — forever!

Visit us in Tagil and see by yourself...

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